Great Menu Covers

We offer durable menu covers for restaurants, cafe’s and bars. Present your unique menu in a great menu cover. Creative colors, styles and sizes await you and at the industry’s lowest prices. Made in the USA.
Choose from our Great Menu Cover Collections below:
Cafe Menu Cover Collection
Route 66 Menu Cover Collection™
Stoney Creek™ Menu Cover Collection
Gold River™ Menu Cover Collection
Café Menu Cover Collection
Clear Menu Cover
with Solid Edge
Choose from 20 colors
Route 66 Menu

Clear Menu Cover
with Clear Edge
and Colored Thread
Stoney Creek™ Menu Collection
Specially Engineered FlexFiber™
with Foil Imprinting
Gold River™ Menu Collection
Padded Menu Cover
with Foil Imprinting
Delta Menu Collection
Tabletop Menu Holder Collection
Check Presenter Collection
Delta Menu Collection
Unique Triangular Design
Clear Menu Cover/Solid Edge
Clear Menu Cover Insert
Available in 4 Sizes
Tabletop Menu Holders
Harps, Clips
& Acrylic Holders
Guest Check

Why Great Menu Covers?

Great Menu Covers offers Free Ground Shipping on Menu Cover Orders over $99
Free Ground Shipping
on Menu Cover Orders over $99

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We offer an array of Available Binding Colors:
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Restaurant Menu Covers That Get Results
(The Key Points)

  • Great Menu Covers is a trusted name in the restaurant industry. We specialize in menu covers that will protect and enhance your restaurant’s menus. We also offer numerous customizable options that fit every budget.

  • We have over 30 years experience in creating vinyl custom covers. Our high-quality, carefully constructed menu covers are made in Sussex, Wisconsin. We are proud of our American made, quality products!

  • Our covers (made from 10 gauge, crystal-clear vinyl) are specially designed to provide ultimate protection for your menus, and will also delight your customers with radiant style and sophistication.

  • Choose from a variety of materials such as vinyl or leatherette designed to keep your menus in tip-top shape for your customers’ easy perusal.

  • Customizable options include your brand colors, specialized sizes, and unique styles matching the ambience of your restaurant. Extend your color brand to your Menu!

  • FREE Ground Shipping on any orders over $99 that are shipped within the Continental United States.

  • Call us at 800-238-3957 – We are available to answer questions regarding any of the services we provide.
Great Menu Covers - the Key Points

Our Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

With so many years behind us pleasing our customers in the restaurant industry, it is no surprise we have so many customers returning to us to reorder menu covers. We understand every business in foodservice has their own unique style that sets them apart from the rest. Our mission is to make sure every restaurant, who orders from us, has particular covers custom made to their exact specifications. With so many options, we have something for everyone!