4.25" W x 11" H (Vinyl)
Route 66 2 Panel Menu Covers

4.25 x 11 2 Panel Route 66 Menu Covers (Book Style)
Available Thread Colors:
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Vinyl Cafe Menu Color Options Vinyl Color Options Bubble Gum Pink Purple Peppers Blueberry Pie Ice Blue Cool Aqua Cilantro Green Kiwi Green Mustard Yellow Orange Marmalade Hot Cocoa Pumpkin Pie Cherry Tomato Burgundy Wine Sea Salt White Peppercorn Black
Metal Corner Colors:
Gold - Antique Bronze - Silver - Black
Metal Corner Colors: Gold, Antique Bronze, Silver and Black

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Choose Below: Quantity, Binding Color & Metal Corner Color

($2.18 each)
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($2.08 each)
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($1.99 each)
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($1.97 each)
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